Lie Nielsen Montreal Hand Tool Event

Well, Lie Nielsen was in Montreal for another Hand Tool Event this year and again, I added to the collection of tools.
This time around, I brought my dad with me to show up the many hand tools and try them for real and see some “odd-looking tools but after explaining, they made sense.
Part of the tools that I added to the collection :
– Low angle smoother

  • Well I’ve had my eyes on this one for a little while. Like the versatility of the blade that it can be sharpen to a certain angle and convert the plane with a simple swap to a higher angle.  I bought a second blade just for that to give options
  • Will it completely replace my #4, also from Lie Nielsen, well I don’t think so.  I think both planes will complement themselves, depending on the situation.

Lie Nielsen Low Angle Smoother
Lie Nielsen Low Angle Smoother

– Dovetail saw

  • Well, I covered the subject in another post, where I wanted to get a finer tooth count for a dovetail saw, so getting the regular 15ppi saw was the ideal time to address the need.

– Second marking gauge

  • Got a second marking gauge, well actually a cutting gauge in the TiteMark2.  I already own one and getting a second one offers some convenience for different measurement while keeping the previous setting. 

If they repeat the event next year, I will most probably be present and visit once more and look at what they have to offer.  There is always a list of tools to be filled. Agreed some of them are specialized, but being just that can same time in your woodworking.  It is a matter of judging if it is worth your while.  One thing for sure, you have the ability to try out the tool.  If you decide to buy a specific tool, you will at least have tried it, not just because the picture looks good on the company website our their catalog.
For that, the ability to try, weighs a lot in the balance.  Wish other manufacturer would do more so that you can try or view their product.

Lie-Nielsen Hand tools events – MTL – Followup

So I went saturday afternoon and all in all, it was pretty good.
The invited toolmaker for this time was Sauer & Steiner toolworks and been able to test drive some amazing infill planes.  I’ve been following there blog on and off for a little while.  I was not aware that they were to be in for this event but was very happy they were.
Deneb Puchalski was there and showed some few techniques with the tools (Another post for this one) and was happy to “meet” him in a more personal way.  I did see him in the open house last summer in Warren but there was a lot more people then last saturday.
Was able to exchange with the people there which was pretty fun to meet other people.