Work Gallery

Welcome to the the Work Gallery page.  It page explores all the different projects that I’ve worked on.  Follow the different galleries and page to get more details for the different category of work. 


Here are some pictures of tables I have worked on.  

Pretty simple in design and made to accommodate a particular need for a space, let me know and will work with you to design the perfect table to suit your needs.  

Each table is made to custom design with the customer.  The choice of the species and dimensions are set with the potential any potential customer.  

Page to come with more details 

Cutting boards

Cutting boards can be made with a pretty simple design or be pretty complex.  Made from different species of wood and with food safe materiel, these can make for some very nice gifts for different occasion or for making servings over a very nice meal at home. 

Follow the link above for more details on the construction and care for the cutting boards.

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