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Cutting boards or wooden serving boards are very nice little project that can make a nice presentation pop. It can be used for serving all different kinds of food for casual diners or special occasions.  They also make nice gifts for all sorts of occasion 

Construction and material of the Cutting Boards

As mentioned, cutting boards can be used to serve food or be in contact with food. They may not be, but are built as if they will be.  Here are a few items that goes in there  construction :

  • I use PVA Glue that is certified for indirect food contact by the FDA  
  • All cutting boards are Finished with Mineral Oil, which is easy to renew by anyone and is available at any pharmacy. 

I try to build the cutting boards with local species, which for me is local to North America.  Most of them include Hard Maple, Black Cherry and Black Walnut.  It is possible that for color accents, some exotics were used in some of the cutting boards.  

In some occasion, adding some colourful accent with some exotic woods.  But they are accents and are not the main character of the cutting board. Here are some cutting boards that I have done and can be re-ordered.  


There is 3 simple rules to keep the boards nice through time : 

   – Wash by Hand

   – Do not put in the Dishwasher

   – No soaking in water 

Wood is natural and will change with use.  Even if you follow the three golden rules maintenance you will see discoloration, fuzz, and or fading
If you want them to look like they did the first time you used them, then…

   – Wash them by hand with dish soap

   – Frequently rub with a Scotch-Brite pad to remove fuzz and stains 

   – Never let them soak in water

   – Never put them in the dishwasher

   – Treat them with your favorite oil (we like mineral oil) 


Included above in the slideshow are examples of what I can produce.  If you have special request of species, dimensions or patterns, please use the contact form to share your needs and will gladly get back to you to discuss your request.  

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