Saw till – Finish (well sort off)

Well, the saw till is now Hung on the wall and is nearly finished.  It has all the hand saws that I own and I can now say that the panel saw has now a decent home since I bought it about 2 years ago.
I now contains my 2 dovetail saws, my tenon saw, carcase saw and the rip panel saw.  It has a whole lot of space within the till for expansion and has some room to spare for more.
For now, there is no support in the back ground for the smaller saws and I will see what happens with that.  Use  and time will tell if I need to add some support towards the back for the smaller saws.  I don’t really foresee having a whole lot of panel saws, so dedicating some space for the smaller saw should not be to big of a deal.  Although never say never as they say.
Here is a picture of the till hung on the wall with french cleats.  The bottom portion of the till has a support attached towards the bottom so that it stays level with the wall and does not tilt.

Saw till hung on the wall
Saw till hung on the wall

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